Busy bees

Well it’s been a while since I posted here – it’s been a very busy month.

First, we’ve been building more bee boxes and more bee boxes and frames and more bee boxes.  Can’t really see where they’ve all gone, I think the bees are eating them or something.

A few swarm extractions as well and a cut-out of a cable reel hive at a Sydney naval base – the girls had an excellent view and appeared to have been there a very long time as the comb was really old and black/grey.




Anybody that tells me bees prefer a certain size or type of hive has not really studied the sorts of home bees choose for themselves as they choose some very odd homes.

Last night I went to the release of a new book called RETHINK the way you live. It happened to be at a Kings Cross restaurant called Chez Dee where we have a couple of hives. They have some cute Bee grafitti at the moment. Chez Dee put on an amazing spread of yummy food and Amanda did a great job of talking via a set of headphones instead of a microphone in a classic RETHINK moment.


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