The entire apiary must move

I have my hives on some vacant church land. I’ve just been told they must be moved, as a developer has offered the church rent to use the land as a staging point for a large develoment. This is a major blow, especially since some of the hives I only moved there last week.

I wait until dark and we pack up the hives and move them back to my house in Darlinghurst: two on the front verandah and the angry hive beside my house.  My front verandah is about 10 meters up from street level behind trees so I think we will be fine.

After the lessons learnt during the last move, this move goes almost without a hitch.  We’re about to have a celebratory drink when I realise there are about 100 bees circling a light fitting in my living room, acting as a cat attractor.  Both of my felines are going dizzy watching them.

It turns out there was a crack in a window and after the disturbance of the move, they were attracted by the flouro light and keen to check out their new surroundings.


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