Things are starting to build up..

It was a nice day so I went off to check my hives with Vicky and Sarah.

First it was hive #5 that I resorted to feeding last week. It was just so low on food, as it didn’t have enough time to build before winter. Fortunately they are now going well. We swapped a couple of extra frames out to give them some extra space for brood which will give them a lift. I may even give them a frame of brood from one of the other hives just to help them along.

Then to hives 2, 3 and 4 at the community garden. I removed the queen excluder from hive 4 two weeks ago as I discovered the large bees from the new brood foundation just didn’t fit through the holes. So the top super is now full of brood and it’s going to be one busy hive in a week or so when all that hatches.

Hive 3 is also building well and we removed the queen excluder from that one as well so that it builds in preparation for doing a couple of hive splits. Hive 2 is quite depressed and a little damp, it does not get as much sun as the others during winter and it also had a rat attack on the bottom board so I am hoping it will be fine once it warms and gets to dry out a bit.

All in all a good inspection and you can tell the hives are going to be very strong in a few weeks.


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