Wrapping up the season

Well the days are getting shorter, the daytime temp is starting to drop and the girls are much less active so it looks like our very long season this year is coming to a close.

It’s been a huge year of growth with some major new sites including The Botanic Gardens and Centennial Park apiaries to name a few. It looks like Sydney is finally getting the idea of saving bees – today there is much less complaining about bees and more support.

We have had a very mixed season with stop-start honey flows, very cranky bees, long hot days (even during winter) and everything flowering out of sequence. Despite that we’ve had a reasonable harvest this year (although my country colleagues have had very poor honey flows and have been resorting to feeding the bees during summer).

I have had a very busy year. In 2013 I was approached to write a book on backyard beekeeping and that has taken a huge amount of time but was a very interesting process and hopefully a big help to lots of budding beekeepers out there. So keep an eye out for Backyard Bees by Murdoch Books, released 1st August.

Time for me to brew a cup of tea and put my beekeeping feet up for a few months’ rest.


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